In the beginning there is always the problem from which ideas arise!

It was 2016 at a wakeboard camp at the Töppersee. We dressed colourful soccer bodies in different groups and the names of the participants were written with Edding on an adhesive tape to stick them on the helmet. The bibs were colorful, they were light and dry super fast. After the camp I thought to myself that I would always want to wear such a bodice instead of the stinking wet heavy cotton shirts.

To be brave, to not dare, to not win!

Back home I was looking for a football body "with something on it". But unfortunately the parts are always monochrome and very short! I had the longest bodies I could find printed with various printing methods, but the print dissolved quickly in the water and was not durable enough.

I founded a GbR together with a friend, stuck to my idea and thought to myself: "Then I produce it myself, then it's exactly what I want! Months passed!!


Find a production that makes custom-made products in small quantities! Always the answer came from 1.000 pieces! I was shortly before the despair. Screen printing is the only way to stay in the water, but here you simply have no liberties, you pay per colour, you pay per stencil and I didn't just want my logo on the shirts, but the names of the drivers, numbers and logos of the customers. So screen printing was not the right thing to do!


In our search for the right material, the right process and a production site, we had a lot of costs when we founded the company in 2016. My business partner threw in the towel after only 3 months and left the company.

The solution and the first breakthrough feels like Christmas, birthday and a promotion at the same time!

Without further ado the GbR became a sole proprietorship, because giving up was not possible for me! I continued stronger and better alone and chose the name "B360". The "B" stands for "Bine" and the "360", who doesn't know it......was the first trick I learned while wakeboarding and had to take some impacts for it.....somehow fitting :) The company name is pronounced by the way like the trick: "B three sixty!

Suddenly it went steeply uphill! I found a manufacturer, who already produces small editions from 5 pieces. The small quantities are so important to me, because I want to offer real service and individuality instead of mass production!

Everything is automated today, you load your logo into a configurator, you can't put it exactly where you want it because of the safety lines and you end up annoyed when the logo is on your stomach instead of your chest.


My philosophy:

Not configurators but real people with good ideas!

Meanwhile a small team stands behind me and we help with the design of the top and make sure that you are absolutely satisfied!

The shop goes online! The world can see it now!

The Onlineshop went online in March 2017 and already in the same year the first Wakeboard-Camp WAKELOVE with our Ridershirts went to the start. The names of the participants were now on the back of the shirts and everyone had a unique personal memory to take home with them. That's much cooler than writing the names with Edding on an adhesive tape :) Above all, however, it strengthens the sense of community, because you could see exactly who belonged to the group in public operations! Brilliant!

Groups / championships but also problems, a constant roller coaster ride!

What distinguishes us makes us slow at the same time! Because every Ridershirt is handmade, we have a longer delivery time! There are no finished shirts on the shelf where we quickly print a logo on white yard ware of the fabric is first dyed according to specifications. Then it is cut and sewn to an upper part! By this procedure we have no minimum distances, the sun does not fade the colors and even salt water makes our tops no problems! This special printing process makes the Ridershirts so high quality! Because another imprint would dissolve or fade quickly in the water. Additionally we do not use cotton, but a "quick dry polyester" fabric, which is also wet still very easy on the body and dries quickly.


But many groups and even first championships appreciated this quality in 2018 and so we were allowed to work for the Berlin Brandenburg Championship, the Cable Crew in Beckum and the Cologne Cable Crew from Langenfeld (see below), just to mention a few names.

Take a look at our gallery where our shirts have been everywhere and post your own photos on the Facebook page.


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Glad you took the time to read our story!

Greetings, the crew of B360

You want to design your own shirt?

Already from 5 pieces we offer a special production.

We make our contribution to environmental protection!

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