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Aktiv dry quick dry polyester stoff funktionsshirt B360 Ridingshirts Sport Wassersport Oberteil Wake Shirt Wakeboard

The "quick dry polyester fabrics" are mould resistant (do not start to stink) and are ideal for water sports. The fibres can only store a small amount of water and therefore very light also when wet.

We use high-quality "interlock jersey" for the sleeves. This fabric is much more durable and elastic than comparable fabrics. This gives us better freedom of movement and a softer, non-sticky feeling on the skin.

Quick-dry Polyester functional fabric
special features: Mikro- Mesh
  • Micro mesh is non-transparent

  • protects better from the sun

  • for very detailed motives it makes more sense to use this fabric, because with fine lines or texts, the heavy mesh with its larger holes could swallow small details like letters

  • the mesh fabric is very soft, but stores slightly more water than the Heavy-Mesh

Mikro Mesh besonders lecht auch nass B360 Riding Sirts
special features: Heavy - Mesh
  • Heavy mesh is slightly transparent

  • a complete sun protection is not given

  • the shirt flutters less in the airstream

  • the risk of getting stuck in the shirt during the handlepass is reduced because the airflow through the shirt is better

  • the mesh fabric is very soft, you don't feel the holes on the skin and stores less water than micro mesh (even lighter)

Heavy Mesh flattert kaum im Fahrtwind sichere Hantelübergabe B360 Riding Shirts

You want to design your own shirt?

Already from 5 pieces we offer a special production.

We make our contribution to environmental protection!

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