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Was kostet der Versand. Wie läuft das wenn mir etwas nicht passt und ich es zurückschicken muss?


Genaue Infos zu Versandkosten, Retouren und Größenaustausch findest du hier unter unseren Versandbedingungen

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How do I find the right size when wearing a vest or harness?


We work with "rider sizes" because the material (vest / trapeze) is always different thick. You can measure your size and read it in our size chart.  If this is too uncertain for you, you can order a sample set of any size (deposit) home for fitting. 

Größentabellen recyceltes T-Ridershirt B360_neu 2023.jpg

Can we mix different tops and colours as a group?


Yes! You can mix everything. The fabric types, the colours and also types, like T-Shirt & Tank Top, with and without opening for the harness hook everything can be mixed wild.


You can find detailed information in the price overview.. everybody can decide what he prefers to wear!


Which type of fabric is best for water sports?


All fabrics used are made of "quick dry polyester" and are therefore ideally for water sports. We have nothing in our program that we have not tested ourselves :)


You can read in detail how the fabrics are different in the material description.


We don't know exactly what our shirt should look like yet.

How much do the designs cost?


The first draft and 3 changes are free. Each additional design round will be charged with 20€. Most of the time, however, we have already reached a really good result in this time and if there are still little things that need to be changed, we of course do it for free. We are only talking about a "new design round" if we would have to start from scratch and would announce this beforehand.

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Are the shirts also suitable for other sports?


Yes sure! The fast-drying fabric makes your skin feel dry when you start sweating. The moisture is carried by the material, away from the skin, to the top of the clothing.  The wake hoodie is for example excellent also for jogging!


Can I test the Wake Hoodies to see if they do what they promise?


Yes we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. You can test the hoodie for a week! 

If you are not satisfied and feel that the hoodie does not do what it promises, send the wake hoodie back and we will refund the purchase price, even if it has been damaged by mistake! We are convinced that you want to keep the hoodie) and it warms you up and there is no reason to send it back :)


Can I also order a single top with my name and logo?


No, because every top is true handwork and many steps are necessary, from dyeing, cutting, an individual rider shirt. Is our minimum order quantity 5 pieces of one kind. Excluded are of course the names and sizes of the individual riders. The basic design must be consistent.

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Any other questions?

No problem

Please contact our customer service.

We will be happy to help you :)

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