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Sabine Habeth

Sabine is the founder of the company and puts a lot of love and passion into her "B360-Baby". She manages the whole company besides her actual job and takes care of marketing, design & sales. Of course she is also on the wakeboard herself, maybe not as often as the kids, but Langenfeld is her homecable where she is at least 1x a week.

Nina Seul

Nina is the secret second management of B360 and helps where she can. Whether packing parcels, folding hoodies or just discussing new ideas, she is there! It wasn't until 2018 that she tried wakeboarding (of course, you have to know what you are selling!), but she enjoyed it so much that she quickly bought her first own board and now she is just as addicted to this sport!

Lenny Kyek

Homecable: Amici Beach

Our first team rider "Lenny" came to us in May 2018. You get the feeling that he is at home all over the world and travels from one facility to another to perfectly prepare for his competitions.

Nico Kammermeier

Homecable: Töppersee

Also in June 2018 followed then "Nico" which there was only in the double pack with his brother Tobi ;) He always has great new ideas for B360.

Stevie Tomm

Homecable: Thannhausen

At the beginning of 2019, just in time for the start of the season, "Stevie" completed the team! We can't even say where his homecable is, because he rides every week on a different cable with Goodboards and WakeSys and his skills are just amazing!

Emily Menges

Homecable: Töppersee

Female support in the team followed again in August 2019 by "Emily", as she was positively noticed via Instagram. You can see on every photo how much she loves wakeboarding and she also won the title "German Champion" this year.

Stefan Pröll

Stefan is our first Wakeskater in the team. He lives near Hamburg and will represent B360 in the north of Germany for us. With his Wakeskate videos we noticed him at Instagram and if one is true for him then it is our hashtag: #wernichtschwimmtderübtnicht ;) 

Peter Widemann

Peter was practically a regular customer before he became a team driver. Peter and his wake buddies have already twice had their own design at B360 for the new season and had personalised wake jerseys with their own motif and logo (WAKEFORCE).

Patrick Sobczak (Dino)

Homecable: Wasserskipark Zossen

Patrick alias Dino, comes from near Berlin and has already competed in 2018 at the team battle "Bond2gether" in our rider shirt. He trains 3-4 times a week in Zossen and said that now that he has become a team rider he is motivated to learn even more ;)

Julia Carina Hanusch

Homecable: WaWaCo - Weissenhäuser Strand

Julia lives at the Baltic Sea and apparently always needs a board under her feet! She goes wakeskate, wakeboard, snowboard and skateboard. We are very happy about our fourth power woman in the team.

Adrian Stupar

Adrian saw a wakeboard for the first time on holiday and thus became aware of the sport. At home he found out that there is a wakeboarding facility only 15 minutes away from him and he found a perfect hobby for himself besides football! 

Jay Sperfeldt

Homecable: Wakepark Wolfsburg

Jay's favourite trick is the 720 over the Rainbow or Table and he had planned to start contests in 2020, but unfortunately the Corona crisis also put a damper on his plans. He was already since the winter very hot to become a B360 teamrider and so we took him in April in the team and hope that the season can start in May and he will give us a lot of fun and horny pictures and videos.

Jey Kath

Jey was on a skateboard early on, later on a snowboard and it was a matter of time when he discovered wakeboarding for himself. Sure if you don't have the mountains in front of your door, but then the next wakeboard facility and so water sports became his greatest passion. We noticed him through his lovingly and elaborately designed videos at Instagram. A small perfectionist and absolute symphatist. 

Jannick Plath

Jannick loves action! His second hobby is motocross and he is also often on the road on his snowboard. He only started wakeboarding in June 2019 and the likeable daredevil has already achieved a lot on the board in this short time, but most of all he is really stylish ;) already before he became a fan of B360 and now he is a team rider.

Patrick Klein

Patrick started with riding behind the boat, but then he discovered the advantages of rails and kickers in the Cablepark, since then he is several times a week at his home cable. As a real B360 fan it didn't take long until his name was known to us and we thought: "WOW look here, Patrick has uploaded another awesome photo at Insta's". We are very happy that he is now in the team and we are looking forward to his "Welcome-Clip" which he is preparing.

Fynn Heibel

Homecable: Neubrandenburg

Fynn ist eine kleine Rakete auf dem Wasser. Er gehört auf jeden Fall zu den #YoungGuns die wir kennen und wo man gefühlt täglich eine Steigerung sieht, was man alles erreichen kann, wenn man bereit ist den ein oder anderen härteren Einschlag einzustecken und dann weiter zu machen. Aufgefallen ist er uns als er den knall grünen B360 Hoodie (der ihm da noch viel zu groß war) im Winter trug und uns seitdem auf vielen Fotos verlinkt hat.

Vom B360 Fan zum Teamfahrer!

Cableparks of our Teamrider

Teamrider Meeting in Langenfeld

Teamrider Meeting in Langenfeld

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