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Developed by riders for riders!


The main reason for our success is probably that we are just normal wakeboarders, a couple of friends with a dream and the courage to start a small company from it.

What we like and wear ourselves, we wanted to make accessible to everyone else

and free water sports from the unsuitable cotton shirts ;)


We have "own products" that we have sewn according to our ideas, but we also find "finished products" on the textile market again and again that were made for other sports. We order and test these for days in wind and weather. We check whether the part doesn't get too heavy in the water, whether you can't move well in it...etc.! Only when we are convinced of it ourselves does a new product make it into our online shop! This allows us to expand our range and at the same time you can be sure that everything you can buy from us is ideally suited and tested for water sports!

Team meeting in Langenfeld 2020

Team meeting in Langenfeld 2019

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