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Berlin Bradenburg championship 

(Vodafone #GIGABATTLE)

The organizers have come up with something special for the rider shirts of the European Championship! There has never been anything comparable before and so the Twin Cable Beckum sets completely new standards in terms of design! Each rider has not only received his own jersey with his name and starting number, but also each country team was in the design of its own flag!

We are proud to have been part of this amazing event! #EM_germany2019

Fetzys World

(Wakeboard-& Wakesurfschool)

Our Ridershirts have reached Austria! 


"Fetzysworld" has grown to probably the most versatile and best wakeboard school in Europe - secure your dates with the Austrian wakeboard legend Daniel Fetz!



Berlin Bradenburg championship 

(Vodafone #GIGABATTLE)

The Vodafone Berlin Brandenburg Championship (Wakeboard and Wakeskate) took place on 02. June 2018 at the Wasserskipark-Zossen and our B360 Riding-Shirts were with us. 

We have selected the most beautiful pictures with our Ridershirts and are allowed to present them here! Thanks to the WakeClub Germany and the organizer Wasserskipark Zossen.


Since June 2016 WakeLove organizes Wakeboard-Camps at different Wakeboard facilities in Germany. Since 2017 there is also an individual B360 Riding-Shirt for each camp. Especially at camps which are partly in public operation, it creates a nice atmosphere between the participants, if you are recognizable as a group. Above all, you learn to know each other faster by the names of the participants on your back and you can distinguish participants from the trainer quickly and you know who the right contact person is.



Amici Beach Cablepark

The Amici Beach is located about 40km from Mönchengladbach near the Dutch border. A small resort with great water, sandy beach and lots of action! In addition to the Fullsize-Cable, the Aquapark also invites you to romp around. The little Amici Beach family has equipped B360 Riding Shirts with T-shirts and desired names on the back. A visit to the Effelder Waldsee is worthwhile!

Twin Cable Crew

(TwinCable Beckum)

Since 2017 there is a club at the TwinCable Beckum at Tuttenbrocksee. The "Cable Crew Beckum e.V." is a community with the goals: Sport, fun, enterprises, training and advancement to promote.

In addition to numerous advantages, such as training sessions outside regular opening hours, there is also an individual B360 Ridershirt with name imprint. Further information about the club:



Cologne Cable Crew

(Wasserski Langenfeld)

The "Cologne Cable Crew" is a group of 300 enthusiastic wakeboarders who do their rounds together at the water ski lift in Langenfeld.


B360 Riding-Shirts has equipped the active members of the group with T-Shirts and Tank Tops in the desired colour and with a desired number on the top. We also worked on the design of the logo by making the old logo more modern. The crew's new logo was then displayed on the back of the jersey.

SSC Trappenberg


In addition to the ski/snowboard school, the association runs a department for water sports. With the new wakeboard boat nothing stands in the way of an action-packed trip. No matter if JGA or wakeboard course on the Rhine, who lives nearby should stop by. Blue and yellow...these are the club colours, so an individual B360 rider shirt was no longer to be missed.

Click here for the homepage of the water sports team Trappenberg.



(Wasserski Langenfeld)

The "Cablerocker" are a wakeboard group that do their rounds in Langenfeld. B360 Riding-Shirts has equipped the active members of the group with about 40 Rider-Shirts and Tank Tops in the desired colour, with a name on the back and a desired number.


The joy was great when the hot goods were delivered and we were showered with praise: "It feels so good, you don't want to take it off again" ... "The bright colours are the burner" ... "The tops fit everyone perfectly thanks to the super size chart".




(Wasserski Geisenfeld)

The "Wake Force" group is at home at Wake & Groov Cablepark Geisenfeld.

B360 has equipped 8 adults and two babies with rider shirts.


The small shirts have been produced in the dress size 6-9 months and we are happy if we also get a photo of the #nextYoungStars.


(Ruhlsdorf / Wake and Camp)

The "Shredd-Astronauts" are a few friends who drive their rounds in Ruhlsdorf.

Since we realize special productions already starting from 5 pieces, we could make also this small group happy with your own desire Design.


The boys had drawn the logos for the chest and the back already finished and our design service has then still a little bit the colors adapted.... ready was this horny Ridershirt!


Absolutely super become :)



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