You want to design your own shirt?

Already from 5 pieces we offer a special production.

We make our contribution to environmental protection!

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Due to the small entrepreneur status according to § 19 UStG we do not levy sales tax and therefore do not disclose it.

custom-made product

If it should be something very special, for friends, clubs, camps, kite schools

or as a rider shirt at events (with start numbers/names),

then we offer from 5 pieces an exclusive special production for you!

We combine our passion for the sport

with great attention to detail!

Endless possibilities

A white fabric is completely dyed according to your specifications and the colours sealed.At the end the dyed fabric is cut and sewn to a top. Through this process we can design everything, down to the last centimetre,without seams and as many colours as you like!

We combine our passion for the sport

with great attention to detail!

Water and UV resistant

Our special printing process can permanently withstand sun and salt water. The ink cannot fade or dissolve in water over time.

  • All "Pantone" colours are available for unlimited selection

  • Names / texts and desired numbers are included in the price.

  • Clothes sizes from baby and up to 6XL are possible

  • All shirts possible with opening for the harness hook (for kitesurfers)

  • All shirts possible with a chest pocket sewn on

  • Choose between two types of material: "Heavy"- or "Micro-Mesh"

You can easily receive the designs via Whatsapp and coordinate them with your friends.

The procedure


Send us your ideas as a drawing or describe as precisely as possible how your top should look. We can also provide a shirt from our range as a basis and place your logo on it.

Important: Please send us your motives/logos with your request, so that we can check the "printability" of the files (best in vector format .pdf .ai )


You will receive an information within 2-3 days if your logos are suitable for textile printing. After a short consultation you will receive the draft to see if we have understood your idea correctly. The first draft and 3 changes are a free service. If your design is more elaborate or the submitted logos are not available in sufficient quality, a graphic editing is necessary (for more information see: delivery time and prices)


When the drawing for your design is ready, you will receive a release drawing to check everything once again and a deposit invoice of at least 50% as security in advance.


After signing the release and receiving the money, the production time starts and the fabrics are now dyed, cut and sewn by hand to your unique shirt.